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Factory introduce

**Xiamen Flyway Yoga Sportswear Factory - a professional sportswear manufacturer**

Xiamen Flyway a factory based in Xiamen that focuses on the production of yoga sportswear. Our business areas cover the entire process from design, production to sales. Our professional team and advanced production equipment enable us to provide high-quality, high-standard yoga sportswear products.

**Basic Information**

Company Name: Xiamen Feilai Yoga Sportswear Factory

Address: Floor 3, No. 722, Yangzhai Tulouli, Tong'an District., Xiamen, Fujian, China

Factory area: 1300 square meters

Number of employees: 100 to 150 workers

Service hours: 24 hours service

**products and services**

We have more than 30 types of fabrics available and can provide customized yoga sportswear according to customer needs. Our production line covers a full range of products from the most basic yoga pants and tops to more complex yoga mats. Our products are not only comfortable but also extremely durable. Our advanced production equipment and skilled employees make our production extremely efficient and able to meet the different needs of all types of customers.

**Advantages and Features**

* 24-hour service: No matter when and where, we can provide you with services to meet your needs.

* Rich fabric supply: We have more than 30 fabric types to meet your different needs and preferences.

*Advanced production equipment: Our production equipment and skilled employees make our production extremely efficient.

* Professional design team: Our design team can provide professional design solutions according to your needs.