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organic cotton and pure cotton difference

Organic cotton is one of the important components of sustainable agriculture. It is of great significance to ecological environmental protection, human health development and green and natural ecological clothing. It is a 100% natural ecological growth environment and is completely natural and pollution-free production.

Pure cotton fabrics are made from cotton as raw material, which is turned into silk, and then interwoven vertically and horizontally using a textile machine. It is mainly made of virgin cotton fabrics and recycled cotton fabrics.

The cotton material of organic cotton has been certified by international certification agencies. This material is the best for smooth and tender baby skin, while pure cotton has not yet reached such a high level.

Characteristics of organic cotton and pure cotton

Organic cotton clothing has good breathability, absorbs sweat quickly, is non-sticky, does not generate static electricity, is naturally pollution-free, and can maintain a constant temperature at all times to prevent eczema in children. It does not contain any toxic or harmful substances to the baby's body, even if Babies with sensitive skin can also use it with confidence, and it is very suitable for babies' tender skin.

Pure cotton clothing has good hygroscopicity, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. It does not cause any irritation when in contact with the skin and has no side effects. It is beneficial to the human body when worn for a long time, and wearing pure cotton clothing makes people feel comfortable. to warmth.

Disadvantages of pure cotton

Pure cotton has many disadvantages:

It wrinkles easily and is more difficult to smooth out once wrinkled.

It is easy to shrink. The shrinkage rate of pure cotton clothing is 2% to 5%.

Easily deformed and lacks elasticity.

Hair sticks easily and is difficult to remove completely.

Especially afraid of acid, when concentrated sulfuric acid contaminates cotton, the cotton will be burned into holes. Pure cotton T-shirt

But organic cotton does not have the above disadvantages.